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A Waiting Child

A Waiting Child: Kenney

BILLINGS – This month’s “A Waiting Child” features Kenney. He’s an active, 14-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, but he doesn’t let that slow him down

A Waiting Child: Zoe

MISSOULA – This month’s A Waiting Child is an outgoing 15-year-old from Missoula who loves animals. “I have a sense of humor, I’m very outgoing,

A Waiting Child: Kenzie

LOCKWOOD – This month’s A Waiting Child features Kenzie. She’s a creative, 10-year-old girl who loves to get her hands dirty with crafts, and she is

A Waiting Child: Jacob

KALISPELL – This month’s A Waiting Child is 14-year-old Jacob from Kalispell. Jacob says he is a hands-on learner and loves computer science. He hopes to be an engineer when

A Waiting Child: Destiny

HAMILTON – This month’s A Waiting Child is 12-year-old Destiny from Hamilton who loves animals and sports.  Destiny is a seventh-grade student who is an active kid with

A Waiting Child: Tristin

HAMILTON – This month’s A Waiting Child is 16-year-old Tristin of Hamilton who loves working on old cars and welding. “My favorite subject in school is welding. I’m

A Waiting Child: Kolten

HAMILTON – This month’s A Waiting Child is 13-year-old Kolten of Hamilton who loves the Denver Broncos and basketball. “I am Kolten. I like to play sports. I’ve always wanted

A Waiting Child: Helen

BUTTE – This month’s A Waiting Child is an active 15-year-old girl named Helen. Helen enjoys sports and kids. She’s also someone who has overcome many

A Waiting Child loves learning and singing

School, singing and sports.  Those are the passions of this month’s A Waiting Child. Tara, 14, just finished the 8th grade at Lewis and Clark Middle School.

A Waiting Child: James

James is hoping his forever family brings some video games when they come to find him.

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