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Kirby Saloon waitress turns tip into $70K lottery win

BUSBY – A waitress at a bar south of Busby got a generous tip, but it only got better when she used it to buy a Montana Lottery scratch-off ticket.

Lea Hunts Along turned her $50 tip into a $70,000 dollar win.

She was working at the Kirby Saloon when a patron tipped her, and she decided to buy a scratch ticket.

She put the ticket away and scratched it at the end of her shift, hoping to win a couple hundred bucks.

But instead, it was a $70,000 winner.

She said her family is still planning on how to use the money and calls it a blessing.

Lea Hunts Along holds up a check for $70,000 with her husband Tyree
Victoria Hill

Victoria Hill

Victoria is the anchor and producer for KTVQ's morning newscast Montana this Morning. She joined the Q2 news team as a reporter in August of 2012.
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