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Meet Solea, the Dental Laser of Your Dreams

Many patients get anxious at the dentist, and that’s often because they fear the dental drill used during procedures like cavity fillings—and the Novocain, noise, blood, and pain and that goes along with it. Luckily, a new state-of-the-art dental laser called Solea offers a unique alternative to the dreaded drill, and it’s available right here in Montana at Winterholler Dentistry and Implant Surgery, which has locations in Billings and Laurel.

Dentures are a thing of the Past with Implant technology

Dental Implants are changing lives and are more convenient and affordable than ever before. For those who have or are about to lose all of their teeth and are fearing a life with dentures, there are now better options besides traditional dentures. One of the most reliable, predictable and proven methods of restoring lifelike teeth is a procedure known as “All-on-Four” or “Teeth in a Day.

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